Do Chinchillas Need Big Cages?

Do Chinchillas Need Big Cages?

The chinchilla is an active creature and as an owner, it is your responsibility to provide a safe home which acts as a best place for them to play, sleep and explore. If your pet wants to enjoy, there is a need for you to provide the big cage, toys and beddings. Finding out the best chinchilla cages is a little tricky task for you. Why? It is because you can discover a lot of new stylist with impressive feature cages in the stores.

Something about chinchilla

Do Chinchillas Need Big Cages?

It always loves to be social so it is better for you to have its pair for social interactions. When more than one then there is a need for a little big cage to grow them.

They are active and it is rare for you to find them in one place. It keeps on running, playing and jumping. It is required for you to get the biggest cages that would allow them to stay in plenty of room for their antics.

You can also find out a wire chinchilla cages with solid floors that makes an excellent for homes. Some cages would have a multiple levels that would have more fun. There is a need for you to avoid the cages with wire floor.

Usually they are sensitive for heat, draft and humidity. When you provide them extreme of heat there are possibility for the cause of heatstroke. They would not do well when the temperature go about 78 degree F.

As an owner you should try to keep the cage away from the drafts and the places that has high humidity. They are more active during evening hours.

Things that you should know

Do Chinchillas Need Big Cages?

  • The bedding or shredded paper that acts as a great choice for the substrate. It would be safe for your pet nibbles while beddings and it absorbs the liquids and odors as well the bedding that is made out with absorbs liquids and odors. As well the bedding that is made out of with pine or the ceder should be avoided.
  • The effective stoppered water bottle could be attached to the cage that would provide a steady supply of water. It is also used for preventing out the water that has being spilled and it helps to maintain the bedding dry.
  • A food bowl or the feeder which does not spill is required for preventing the spillages and contamination of the food. Here the hay rack would provide the great way for your chinchilla.
  • The hide areas seems to be essential for your pets that is well being. It is safe because it provides the best area for your pretty pet to take rest and to feel safe and secured over there.
  • When you want them to stay active always there is a need for the best exercise wheel that too they need the solid floor for preventing from the floor injuries.
  • Usually the chinchillas are clean and they have almost no body odors. They have the habit of maintaining the strong, plush fur through taking dust baths.
  • It is important for you to have a pet toy that would helps to keep his teeth worn down.


The chinchilla are clean animals and they do not like to be in the dirty cage. So at frequent interval of time there is a need for you to change out the bedding at least once a week and there is a need for you to wash out your water bottle, items and food bowl neatly. And always keep the chinchilla cages tidy that makes your chinchilla to stay happy to live inside it.

How to find out which chinchilla cage is best?

Do Chinchillas Need Big Cages?

For finding out this there is a need for you to know about its nature and its likes and here are some listed below

  • They required plenty of rooms
  • Actually they are escape artists
  • They are rodents
  • You have to make them to feel fun

Rocking chinchilla cages to buy

Do Chinchillas Need Big Cages?

Pleasant cat cages

  • It acts as the perfect choice for you to place in your home as well as in your apartments.
  • It is designed up with the slide out and leak proof plastic that makes your cleaning work simpler.
  • You can find out large front doors that could be kept swing open. As well the front doors have more secured options.
  • It makes your chinchilla to feel happy.

Yaheetech that has a lot of inbuilt facilities

  • It acts as the best cage for your active critter.
  • It provides the best platform for your chinchilla to play all nights through running around and playing.
  • Its contains the three different oversized front opening doors that are convenient for accessing out the cages.
  • You can find out 8.5 ounce water bottle and plastic food box support.

Midwest critter

  • The critter nation would doubtless up the unit.
  • The cage comes in 3 ramps with covers and it gives a great feel to your chinchilla and they can easily climb and jump.
  • You can find out these cages with two removable base pans which extremely has the easy base.
  • The ½ inch horizontal wire spacing would makes it’s easy for your pets to climb and to explore the environments.

Yaheetech large Ferret cage

Do Chinchillas Need Big Cages?

When you feel that your chinchilla would get bored then there sure this cage would be a great gift for you to buy and use. You can easily assemble them within 20 minutes and the price would be no more than your expected level. The one inch spacing between the bars would make it impossible for most animals to get stuck.

Prevue Hendryx black

  • The amount of the room for this cage would be perfect.
  • This can make the cage to stay perfect for all times.
  • They can even climb to the hammock when they are feeling lazy.

It gives a lot of secured feel and creates a comfortable zone for your chinchilla to enjoy inside it.

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